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Services are for individuals with mental illness and/or intellectual disabilities. Career counselors help identify employment goals and prepare individualized plans outlining the steps needed to become employed, in addition to the following:

  • Career Exploration: job shadowing, examining the job market for specific jobs, etc.
  • Benefits Analysis: determine how much a person can earn if they choose to maintain SSD or SSDI.
  • Testing and Evaluation: Assessment of strengths, weaknesses, interests, and abilities.
  • Computer Skills Assessment & Training: Develop marketable computer skills.
  • Job Seeking Skills Training: Assistance with interviewing techniques, resume development, and job search strategies.
  • Job Placement Assistance: Support and guidance during the job search.
  • Travel Assistance: Advice on how to get to the new job using the various modes of public transportation.
  • Job Coaching: On-site and off-site support to assist with learning and adequately performing job tasks.
  • Retention Services: Methods designed to help keep the job.
  • Job Club: Informal group that meets weekly to learn job-seeking skills and provide each other encouragement and support in the job search process. Participants receive new training each week.

JFSA is a contract agency of the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County.

Vocational & Employment Services are funded in part by:

Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities | Alcohol and Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County | Anne Wortzman Fund for Work, Social and Recreation Skill Building for persons with Mental Disabilities

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