April 27, 2016 (Beachwood) JFSA is pleased to announce that Trudy Stearns, a Solon resident, has been named the 2016 Lois Zaas Volunteer of the Year. Trudy has volunteered with the Horvitz YouthAbility program since 2011, working in a variety of capacities. In addition to helping during weekly activities such as play practice, Trudy also serves as a chaperon with the group’s annual learning trip and is invaluable when traveling to destinations such as Israel, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco and most recently, Walt Disney World. Trudy goes above and beyond throughout the year, often using her knowledge as an Occupational Therapist to help YouthAbility participants reach their full potential and even helping one participant find a job. Her unwavering commitment to the program is inspiring. Trudy remains positive and upbeat even during difficult situations and the participants and other volunteers always look up to her.