Trish Adler’s passion for helping others, particularly women suffering from domestic violence, began when she participated in a special training session that would completely change her perspective on domestic violence. “During the training, I came to realize that I had been in emotionally abusive relationships in the past. It was like a light bulb went off. I had never recognized the abuse before.”

After moving to Cleveland in 1996, Trish joined the JFSA Board of Directors to create the agency’s first teen dating violence prevention program. “When I was younger I had no knowledge of the different types of abusive relationships. Maybe if I had, I could have avoided them. That’s why I feel it’s so important to educate teens and give them the tools to recognize abuse.” Today that program is known as “Know Abuse™” and has educated tens of thousands of area teens about healthy dating relationships.

In addition to advocating for teen education, Trish is also dedicated to women survivors of domestic violence. Through her work, Trish became close to three JFSA clients and survivors of domestic violence. “We’re still in touch,” says Trish. “We talk on the phone and I have them over for dinner. Their stories are incredible and I’m happy to see them doing so well.” Trish continues to work with JFSA because she understands how essential the agency is for the community. “There are so many different needs,” says Trish. “JFSA is a safety net. Without it, people would have nowhere to turn.”