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A representative payee is an individual or organization that receives Social Security and/or SSI payments for someone who cannot manage or does not wish to manage his or her own funds. Bill paying services are also available for those individuals who do not receive social security payments but request assistance in the
budgeting and paying of their monthly expenses.

Features of this service include:

  • Internal accounting system that meets all Social Security Administration requirements.
  • Notification of providers and clients to circumstances when the client’s account is under the amount necessary to meet the client’s needs, or is over the amount which threatens loss of benefits.
  • JFSA establishes a monthly budget for each representative payee client at intake.
  • Routine cash/check disbursements are available to the client on a regular basis.
  • JFSA makes provisions for emergency disbursement of client funds related to critical housing or medical needs.
  • Bill paying services may be discontinued at any time.

Fees for representative payee services, are established by the Social Security Administration. For families with more complex financial management requests,
JFSA makes every effort to accommodate the client/family’s needs, but may adjust the fee in order to align it with the request.