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A disability trust safeguards your loved one’s eligibility for government benefits. Trusts can be funded at any time and used for expenses not provided for under government programs. JFSA staff can act as a designated advocate.

Master Trust

  • Can be made revocable or irrevocable.
  • $15,000 minimum needed to establish the fund.
  • Can only be funded with monies from others (not the disabled).
  • After the death of the beneficiary, any balance in the trust can be gifted to another beneficiary.

Pooled Medicaid Payback Trust

  • Irrevocable trust
  • $5,000 minimum needed to establish a fund and access monies
  • Can be funded by any individual at any time

Upon beneficiary’s death, balance in the trust is designated to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland to provide financial support for those who lack the means to have their own trust.

Roll-In Payback Trust

  • Irrevocable trust.
  • $750 minimum required to establish fund.
  • $5,000 balance required to access monies for supplemental items or services.
  • Designed for adults with a disability who are able to contribute small amounts of money to the trust.