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Brent & Stephen, JFSA Care at Home

Raising two sons with autism may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but Jeanne understood that with a little ingenuity and a solid care plan, her sons Brent and Stephen could one day live on their own as happy, healthy, independent [...]

Jeff, College Financial Aid Program

Jeff is a fourth year dental student at Case Western Reserve University, father to a 2 year-old and a newborn. With a growing family and expenses mounting, Jeff was able to turn to JFSA for help. “Professional education is incredibly expensive,” [...]

Estelle, JFSA Care at Home

At 89 years old, Estelle is sharp as a tack and living independently in the home she and her husband built 56 years ago. She still does her own laundry and cooking, and enjoys word games and puzzles which [...]

Morton, JFSA Care at Home

Morton made what most people consider the “right” choices for a successful life. He graduated from college with a degree in business and thought the road to greatness lay ahead of him. But life took a detour when Morton became [...]

Gary, PLAN Member

When Gary was first diagnosed with schizophrenia, the implications of his illness didn't hold much meaning for him. “It was just a word to me,” says Gary, “I didn't understand what it meant for me or my life.” But the [...]