Norm Wain enjoyed a successful career as a prominent businessman in the radio industry, but his life was not without challenges. Norm moved to Cleveland in 1954 and by the early 60’s was invited to join the JFSA Board. He knew JFSA helped the community, but he never expected he would be on the receiving end of services. “Never in a million years did I think I would need JFSA services, but in the late 60’s, I found myself in a deep depression.”

Knowing what JFSA had to offer, Norm made an appointment with a counselor. “He opened me up right away and got to the basis of my problems,” says Norm, who came to realize that work and family stress were causing his issues. “Depression is real and it’s debilitating. But he lifted the veil from my face. I was able to unburden myself and that is how I got healthy again.” Upon his counselor’s suggestion, Norm began to educate himself about business and sales and as a result his whole life changed. “I owe all my success to JFSA and the counselor who told me I wasn’t crazy. I
don’t know where I’d be today without him.”

Norm attributes JFSA’s continuing success with its ever growing mission. “In the 60’s, JFSA had a fairly narrow mission. Today the breadth of services is surprising,” he notes. “JFSA practices Tikkun Olam in everything they do. I would advise any family, Jewish or not, to come to JFSA for help.”