Morton made what most people consider the “right” choices for a successful life. He graduated from college with a degree in business and thought the road to greatness lay ahead of him. But life took a detour when Morton became the responsible caregiver for his ailing mother and disabled brother. Morton was a father figure to his brother and a rock for his mother, living with her and taking care of her as she struggled with Alzheimer’s. “I was her shoulder to cry on, her dependable source of energy,” he explains. When both his mother and brother passed, Morton was devastated. The funeral expenses were overwhelming and he was unsure of where to turn. That’s when a friend from his synagogue referred him to JFSA. Now Morton has case managers who visit him every couple of weeks to see how he is doing, look over his finances, and work on strategies for managing his home and make sure Morton has everything he needs to be healthy and comfortable at home. Despite some hardships, Morton has moved forward with his life with the support of his JFSA case managers. “They bring me up and keep me going. I look forward to their visits because without them, I don’t think  I could pull myself together.” He appreciates that someone is always there to keep an eye on him and thinks of JFSA as an extended family. “Other people don’t understand what I’m going through. JFSA does a better job than anyone I know.”