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The relationship between a client and a salon professional is usually based on trust built up over time. Because of the intimate and nurturing nature of the relationship, a trained salon professional— who usually sees a client on a regular basis—can often spot signs of physical abuse that others may never see. A change in a client’s behavior can also be easily recognized by a salon professional.

Research shows that most battered women never call the police or go to a shelter. However, they usually do talk about the abuse with someone they trust. Because salon professionals are experienced listeners who are personally interested in their clients, many women suffering from abuse feel comfortable confiding in them—even if the abused women would never tell anyone else. In addition, because a salon is often an all-female environment, it may be one of the few places that a battered woman is allowed to go without her abuser.

Salon professionals have a unique opportunity to reach victims that domestic violence professionals may never see. With proper training to recognize abuse and to steer victims to help, salon professionals can become invaluable and influential community partners in the fight against domestic abuse.

JFSA, in partnership with the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Salons Against Domestic Abuse Fund, is pleased to deliver this exciting new program to local area salon professionals and engage them in the campaign to end domestic violence.

Cut It Out! Salon Professional Training is funded in part by:

The Arnold and Sydell Miller Family Foundation | Individual Donors

You can help support this important program with your donation.


We salute the following salons who are proud professional members of Know Abuse:

The Beaute Room
Danny’s Hair Salon
Dino Palmieri
Hot Heads
Ignite Hair Salon
In Vogue Studio
John Roberts Spa
La Coiffe
Laura Lee Salon
Locksmith Hair Studio
New Design Salon & Spa
Patsy’s Hair 2000 Plus
Positive Image Hair Studio
Recreating Shapes of Faces Salon
Santo Salon & Spa
Stefano Savoca Salon
Studio MZ
Studio Taylor

Salon professionals can contact Mae Bennett at 216.378.8675