January 30, 2014 (Beachwood) – Jewish Family Service Association is excited to announce a new partnership with Gross Schechter Day School to provide health services to students. After much research, Schechter selected JFSA’s Care at Home division for this important partnership. JFSA will provide a skilled clinic aide and the appropriate nursing supervision. JFSA’s Care at Home staff will also work with Schechter’s Director of Wellness, Dr. Heidi Geis, to ensure that all students’ in-school health needs and all proper regulatory requirements are met.

Gross Schechter Day School’s mission is to provide children, from preschool through 8th grade, an education equally outstanding in general and Judaic studies, in an engaging, empowering environment based on Conservative Judaism, so they become committed to Jewish life and emerge as leaders in the Jewish and general communities.

Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland, a private non-profit organization, serves to strengthen families and individuals in both the Jewish and general communities in Northeast Ohio. Guided by traditional Jewish values of communal responsibility and social justice, JFSA is committed to enhancing every individual’s ability to thrive in our community. For more information on services, go to www.jfsa-cleveland.org.