Jeff is a fourth year dental student at Case Western Reserve University, father to a 2 year-old and a newborn. With a growing family and expenses mounting, Jeff was able to turn to JFSA for help. “Professional education is incredibly expensive,” explains Jeff. “It’s important to look in every nook and cranny to find every bit of help.” Thanks to JFSA’s College Financial Aid Program, Jeff received two awards, the Gutarts and Keller Scholarships. “Applying for scholarships can be very intimidating. You feel like you have a one in a million chance, but with JFSA it was an easy and comfortable process,” remarks Jeff.  Scholarships aren’t the only thing Jeff has received in his three years of working with JFSA’s staff. Advice about everything from his federal loans, to living in Cleveland, has also been a great help to him. “JFSA is a huge resource for the Jewish community,” exclaims Jeff. “I feel if I needed anything at all, someone here can help me.” Jeff is appreciative of the help he has received from JFSA and the families that created the scholarships. “Cleveland families creating scholarships for other Cleveland kids, it’s a really wonderful thing to give back to the community” notes Jeff. “I hope one day I can do the same.” Without JFSA, Jeff would have to take on more costly federal loans and would be even deeper in debt. Now he and his growing family will be better able to build a successful future. Jeff remarks, “I am so grateful to JFSA and everything they have done for me.”