This year JFSA lost a special family member – Irv Fine (of blessed memory). Irv grew up the youngest of five children, with one brother and three sisters. “They always took care of me,” explained Irv of his older siblings. But he knew one day it would be his turn to take care of them. “Two of my sisters became widowed later in life,” explains Irv. With their grown children living out of town, Irv’s sisters needed help at home and he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. That’s when he turned to JFSA for home care. “JFSA is a blessing,” said Irv. “They were dependable and gave me peace of mind.”

In addition to helping his sisters, JFSA also provided services to his nephew Howard, who had developmental disabilities and needed a safe place to live when his mother became too ill to care for him. Through JFSA’s Residential Services, Howard was able to receive 24/7 supervision, meals, transportation, and help with bills. “JFSA treated my family beautifully,” said Irv. “I have witnessed the compassion and love given by the staff. A family member could not have done better.”

In recognition of Irv’s generosity to JFSA, a portion of his planned gift will be used to ensure that all families experience the same level of care and support that his family received. JFSA is proud to establish the Gloria and Irving Fine Family Advocacy and Support Services Program, staffed by professionals who help families navigate the myriad of health care systems and identify the right services and supports for loved ones.

Click here to view a special video remembering Irv.