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Deadline for submission is April 10, 2019.

Students MUST reapply each year to receive assistance, even if they are recipients of renewable JFSA scholarships.

For more information, call Jessica Rosenblitt at 216.378.3429.

The following criteria must be met each year for you to apply for family named scholarships, grants, or loans with the JFSA College Financial Aid Program:

  • Self-identify as Jewish either by ethnicity or practice (except for Berger scholarships).
  • Resident of the Greater Cleveland area. Residency is established if you filed tax forms in Cuyahoga County or surrounding counties, if your resident parent claimed you on their tax forms, or if you are registered to vote in Cuyahoga or surrounding counties.
  • Family household income is $150,000 or less.* This reflects the combined gross income of both your parents/guardians.
  • Attendance at a four year accredited university or college to pursue a professional degree. Accredited school verification is established through the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Participation in online degree programs is NOT accepted.
  • Only the Irving Stone and Cleveland Friends of YNA scholarship allow for seminary study.
  • Must have full-time student status. Undergraduate full-time is defined as no less than 12 credit hours per semester. Graduate full-time is defined as no less than 9 credit hours per semester.
  • Current school grade point average (GPA) is 2.5 or higher.
  • Students must submit grades each  semester.

The scholarships listed below are available to full-time students for graduate or undergraduate studies who meet the listed criteria.

  • Alumni and Friends of JFSA College Financial Aid Program Scholarship Undergraduate or graduate full-time students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 seeking a bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree at an accredited college.
  • The Jack W. and Shirley Berger Memorial Scholarship For a high school senior, active volunteer, Cuyahoga, Summit, Portage or Geauga Counties. 3.0 GPA. Recipient must take a course in comparative religion.  Must be seeking a secular education. Renewable.
  • The Jack W. and Shirley Berger Scholars Award For a high school senior active volunteer in Cuyahoga, Summit, Portage or Geauga counties. Recipient must take course in comparative religion. Must be seeking a secular education. 3.8 GPA. 1350 SAT or 29 ACT minimums. Open to all faiths. Renewable.  Click here for more info.
  • The Sophie and Henry Billys Scholarship Student who may not qualify for academic scholarships but overcame a major obstacle.
  • The Dr. Grace F. Brody Scholarship Undergraduate student.
  • Bruml Family Scholarship For a freshman attending a 4 year college in the USA with at least a 3.5 GPA.  Business/science/engineering majors preferred. Renewable.
  • The Cleveland Friends of YNA Scholarship For students accepted into Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh who demonstrate financial need.
  • Faber-Rosen Scholarship For students entering dental, medical, or rabbinic studies. Preference given to undergraduates who lost a parent at a young age.
  • The Frank Joseph & Elaine Sara Garron Memorial Scholarship Full-time graduate or undergraduate student (Tuition only).
  • The Eleanor R. Gerson Award for Graduate Students in Social Work Graduate students pursuing a career in social work.
  • The Eleanor Gerson Education Fund For undergraduate students.
  • The Ellie Gerson Scholarship for New Americans For high school seniors from the Former Soviet Union or first generation Americans.
  • The Gutarts Family Scholarship Student that demonstrates financial need and attends college in Ohio.  Preference given to students from the FSU or a first generation American. Renewable. 3.0 GPA.
  • The Rick Horvitz and Erica Hartman Horvitz YouthAbility Program Scholarship For undergraduate or graduate seeking a degree in Special Education, Psychology, Social Work or a related field. Available to students of all faiths.
  • The Solomon and Jennie Hurvitz Scholarship Scholastically superior, unmarried student, attending a secular college in Ohio. Prefer science, social studies, humanities or arts.
  • The Jaffe Family Community Service Scholarship High school senior who demonstrates a commitment to leadership, youth group/synagogue and volunteerism in the Jewish and general communities.
  • Ruth and Charles Jacob Scholarship Undergraduate attending a private College/University.  3.0 GPA. Renewable.
  • The Mrs. Bert Keller Fund  Graduate student pursuing a career in medicine or dentistry.
  • The Meisel Family Scholarship Undergraduate. Renewable. Minimum 3.0 GPA required.
  • Raskind Family Scholarship High school senior attending college in the USA.  Renewable if a 3.0 GPA is maintained.
  • Barney & Sarah Richman Memorial Scholarship Student who lost a parent at a young age.
  • Rosskamm Family Scholarship Undergraduate student that demonstrates financial need.
  • Amy Saltzman Scholarship For a graduate student in a health related field. 3.0 GPA. Renewable.
  • Mark Saltzman Scholarship for Business For students majoring in business or related fields. 3.0 GPA. Renewable.
  • Shelly Saltzman Scholarship for Education For students majoring in education or related fields. 3.0 GPA. Renewable.
  • Irving I. Stone Support Fund 1st year seminary/yeshiva in Israel or attending Yeshiva University, $100,000 family income maximum. Click here for more details.
  • William Wortzman Family Education Fund Given to a student that demonstrates financial need with a minimum 3.0 GPA.  Students seeking business/law degree are preferred. Preference for students working part-time.
  • The Howard S. Young Scholarship Awarded to academically superior student attending CWRU or CSU; engineering or other sciences major preferred.  Renewable.
  • The Helen and Morris Zupnick Scholarship For an Orthodox Jewish student with defined career goals and high academic credentials.