At 89 years old, Estelle is sharp as a tack and living independently in the home she and her husband built 56 years ago. She still does her own laundry and cooking, and enjoys word games and puzzles which help keep her mind sharp. A lifetime collector of beautiful antiques, Estelle is proud of the unique and warm atmosphere she has created in her home. But frequent dizzy spells had this grandmother of six and great grandmother of two concerned, especially since living on her own after her husband passed away last March. “Being alone can be scary,” explains Estelle. Instead of waiting for the problem to get worse, Estelle took action and called JFSA for help. With Philips Lifeline program, the fear of falling is now more manageable. Estelle also has a home health aide who visits her twice a week to help with showering and other light chores around the house. No longer able to drive herself, Estelle also counts on her home health aide to take her to doctor’s appointments when other transportation is unavailable. This isn’t the first time Estelle has relied on JFSA Care at Home services. When her husband was ill and still living at home, Estelle turned to JFSA home health aides who helped with his personal care. “I took care of him for a long time, but sometimes I needed help,” remembers Estelle. Thanks to JFSA, Estelle has less to worry about and more time for enjoying the things she loves.