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Listed here are the many named funds established at JFSA Cleveland. Often set up in memory of a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion or call attention to a cause close to one’s heart, these named funds are lasting tributes that provide critical services to the community.

  • Hope and Stanley Adelstein JFSA Care at Home Fund Supports JFSA Care at Home services for needy adults who wish to remain in their home. Gift of Hope and Stanley** Adelstein.
  • Trish and Mark Adler Fund for Group Home Residents Supports quality of life enhancements for residents of supportive living sites and group residences. Gift of Trish and Mark Adler.
  • Alumni and Friends of JFSA College Financial Aid Program Scholarship Fund Supports qualified undergraduate and graduate college students with the cost of their college tuition. Gift of  individual donors.
  • Deborah Ann Baker Memorial Fund* Supports clients with little financial resources to enjoy quality of life activities. Gift of Fannie** and Ed** Baker.
  • Marilyn and Marshall Bedol Fund for Social and Recreational Programming for the Special Needs Community Supports social and recreational outings for adults with mental illness and/or mental disabilities. Gift of Marilyn and Marshall** Bedol.
  • Fran and Jules Belkin Creative Arts Fund Supports art programming for clients. Gift of Fran Belkin.
  • Betty and Nathan Berliner Family Fund Supports funding of small gifts for Holocaust Survivor in recognition of milestone birthdays, family shiva, hospitalization or other life events. Gift of donors in memory of Betty and Irving Berliner.
  • Berns Newborn Thomas Endowment Fund to Support Older Adults in Need* Provides subsidies for services and purchases for needy older adults who strive to remain safely, securely and comfortably in their homes. Gift of Karen & Norton Newborn and matching gifts from Robert Immerman.
  • Stanley and Betty Blum Endowment Fund* Supports high priority needs. Gift of Stanley Blum.
  • Irene and Eugene Brudno Fund to Serve Persons with Severe Mental Illness* Supports services for persons with severe mental illness and to fund Ascentia management and infrastructure costs. Gift of Irene** and Eugene** Brudno Charitable Trust.
  • Susan Bichsel Discretionary Fund Supports client needs and staff recognition. Gift of the JFSA Board of Directors in honor of President and CEO Susan Bichsel.
  • Lynne and Philip Cohen Family Fund for Youth Programming* Supports programming for youth. Gift of Lynne Marcus Cohen and Philip Cohen.
  • Norman J. Danzig Memorial Fund Establishes the Danzig Award for Lay Leadership and supports the professional development of young lay leaders. Gift of the JFSA Board of  Directors in memory of board member Norman Danzig.
  • Lois J. and Larry David Family Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland* Supports Hebrew Shelter Home capital improvements and programming for “at-risk” families. Gift of Lois J. Davis.
  • Irving and Gloria Fine Fund for Quality of Life Enhancements Supports quality of life funding for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Gift of Irving** and Gloria Fine.
  • The HBSU Fund Supporting the JFSA Communal Fellowship Establishes the JFSA Communal Fellowship Program at the Hebrew Shelter Home which provides one and two year opportunities for upper level college students, graduate students and/or prospective students committed to living and learning in a Jewish communal setting supported by JFSA professional staff. Gift of the HBSU.
  • Jean Heflich Employee Recognition and Enrichment Fund  Further JFSA employees’ knowledge and skills, to enhance their careers and augment the work they perform and award their extraordinary performance in the workplace. Gift of Jean Heflich.
  • Peter Hoke Memorial Fund to Support Ascentia Mental Health Services Supports activities, outings, events and unfunded needs of Ascentia clients. Gift of donors in memory of Peter Hoke.
  • Harvey Kotler and Norma Kotler Endowment Fund* Supports Families at Risk Endowment Fund. Gift of Norma and Harvey Kotler.
  • The Kravitz Family Fund Supports JFSA clients owning pets with expenses associated with caring for a pet(s) at home.  Gift of Brian Kravitz.
  • Anne and Alex Miller Fund Supports services to the elderly. Gift of Anne** and Alex** Miller.
  • Cary and Barbara Root Fund for Fostering Ascentia Communications through Technology* Supports funding for communications to Ascentia families. Gift of William Wortzman.
  • Enid B. and David M. Rosenberg MD Healthcare Engagement Fund Supports the cost of malpractice insurance for volunteer clinicians who provide services to JFSA clients. Gift of the Enid and David Rosenberg Family Foundation
  • Sarah and Josephine Rosin Fund* Supports programming for individuals with mental disabilities. Gift of the Trustees of the Sarah Rosin Trust.
  • Grant S. Roth Memorial Fund supports JFSA clients’ under funded and/or unfunded health care needs. Gift of Margo and Bob Roth.
  • Katherine A. and Noah D. Rusnak Fund for Individual and Family Needs Supports funding to improve the health and functioning of individuals and families. Gift of Susan Bichsel and Stephen Rusnak.
  • Abraham and Pauline Segal Fund for In-Home Support of the Elderly* Supports funding for older adults who wish to remain at home. Gift of Rita Saslaw, Michael Saslaw, and Maryellen S. Oberman.
  • Alan R. Schonberg Fund to Strengthen Families Supports funding for families in need. Gift of the JFSA Board of Directors in honor of Alan Schonberg’s** tenure as Board Chair.
  • Spira Ascentia Fund Funding for Ascentia programming. Gift of Jim Spira.
  • Eleanor Steigman Fund for Older Adult Services Supports programming for older adults. Gift of contributors in honor of Life Director Eleanor Steigman’s lifetime of community service.
  • The Wirtshafter Family Fund Provides unrestricted endowment support to JFSA. Gift of John & Linda Wirtshafter.
  • Anne Wortzman Fund for Work, Social and Recreation Skill Building for persons with Mental Disabilities* Supports Ascentia programming for individuals with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. Gift of William Wortzman.
  • The Wortzman and Levine Family Endowment Fund* Provides unrestricted endowment support to JFSA in honor of Susan Bichsel. Gift of the Wortzman and Levine families.
  • Lois Zaas Fund for the Maturing Community Supports programming for the older adult community. Gift of Donald Zaas.
  • Irene and Sidney Zehman Library Fund Supports the purchase of books for the Zehman Library at the Drost Family Center. Gift of Roslyn Wolf** and Judy Sherman** in honor of their parents.

*Special Named Endowment Fund   **Of Blessed Memory

Program Endowment Funds

  • Ascentia Endowment Supports Ascentia programming and services for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.
  • Families at Risk Endowment Fund Supports the Hebrew Shelter Home and Family Violence Services for individuals experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and/or financial hardships and supports Know Abuse™ teen outreach and prevention. Funded in part with matching gifts from Robert Immerman.
  • JFSA General Endowment Fund Supports long term sustainability of the Agency. Funded in part with matching gifts from Robert Immerman.
  • JFSA Volunteer Activities and Education Endowment Fund Supports JFSA volunteer activities and educational enrichment for JFSA staff supporting volunteer activities. Gift of anonymous donor.
  • MRDD Endowment Supports programming and residential services for adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • PLAN Endowment Supports PLAN’s quality of life programs and holistic recovery services that help those challenged by chronic mental illness progress in their recovery. Funded in large part by a gift from the Maltz Family Foundation.