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Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST)
Our main job is to help individuals live as independently in the community as possible. This means helping them to accomplish the “normal” activities of living, such as paying bills, doing chores, getting to the doctor, exercising or looking for a job. Most services are provided in community settings where problems may occur and support is needed rather than in staff offices or clinics.

Intensive Case Management (ICM)
For clients with an acute and chronic need for care, Intensive Case Management is available to provide more frequent contact. Case loads are smaller so staff are able to do more intensive work.

Social Action Team
This peer-lead group provides social engagement and volunteer opportunities for consumers that want to connect with others with similar issues and to be active in the community. Our goal is to provide natural peer-to-peer support which will enhance independence, self-esteem and confidence. Increase in these skills often leads to greater success at obtaining competitive employment. An emphasis on giving back to the community through volunteer activities is a major focus.

Community Support Services are funded in part by:

The Ascentia Endowment

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