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Counseling Services
Help individuals manage life transitions, resolve personal crisis, learn new ways to behave more effectively, and cope with personal emotional upset and/ or mental illness through a therapeutic relationship with an agency professional. This confidential clinical service is based on an individual mental health assessment to determine with the client the treatment plan and goals.

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET)
An evidence-based practice that helps people with schizophrenia and related mental illnesses improve their processing speed, cognition (attention, memory and problem solving), and social cognition (the ability to interact wisely with others.) Computer exercises  enhance cognitive skills along with one-on-one coaching and a psycho-educational group where interactive work is done through lectures, homework and group exercises comprise the basic elements of CET.

Art Therapy
Offers opportunities to explore personal problems and potential through verbal and non-verbal expression and helps develop physical and emotional learning skills through therapeutic art experiences. Dance, movement, role play, music and traditional art provide modes of self-expression for every individual. Common goals within this supportive environment include fostering self and cultural awareness, promoting self expression and personal growth, improvement in communication and cooperative skills, and building on and identifying strengths.

Counseling and Therapeutic Services are funded in part by:

The Ascentia Endowment | The Michael and Helen Talty Trust | Individual Donors

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