Chicky Drost has been a JFSA Life Director since 2005, but her first memories of JFSA are when her father, Archie Drost, served on the board in the 1970’s. “Our family has been supportive of JFSA for a long time,” explains Chicky, who has witnessed the agency’s growth. “Over the years JFSA has become a solid organization with many amazing programs. It is stronger now than ever before.”

In 1990, the Commerce Park office building was renamed “The Drost Family Center” in recognition of the major support provided by the Drost family. Chicky sees firsthand the positive effects JFSA has had on a family member who has lived in one of JFSA’s residential homes for a number of years. “My cousin is well taken care of,” says Chicky. “She loves her roommates and JFSA is very attuned to her sensitivities. The fact that she has a place to call home is wonderful.”

Chicky knows about the diverse challenges people face. “The community needs are always changing and fortunately for us, JFSA is always there,” she says. “The agency touches so many lives in so many ways. Cleveland without JFSA would be a bleak place.”