Morris Abrams Award

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Applications for the 2016/2017 academic year are now closed.

HOW TO APPLY: University Department Heads must contact Jessica Rosenblitt, Manager of College Financial Aid Program, for an application.

The Morris Abrams Award in International Relations was established in 1968, in memory of Morris Abrams who devoted much of his time and energy to civic and communal affairs in Cleveland where he maintained his residence.  His deep interest and sense of responsibility for human welfare extended beyond local and national boundaries.  His major concerns were for international understanding and world peace, and he worked on behalf of these causes for several decades as a vigorous, dedicated, and untiring leader of such organizations as the Cleveland Chapters of the Council on World Affairs and the World Federalists.  It is hoped that the recipients of the Award will be encouraged, through the honorary recognition it confers as well as the stipend assistance it provides, to further the principles and ideals to which Mr. Abrams was dedicated.

The recipient or recipients of the Morris Abrams Award shall be a person or persons who, by receipt of the award, may be enabled, assisted or encouraged to commence  or continue meaningful involvement in the field of international relations, whether such an involvement be academic or otherwise, including the related disciplines of public service, journalism, and diplomacy.

PhD candidate working on issues of world peace. There are no restrictions to age, residence, sex, race, creed, political or religious beliefs.

Amount of Grant
The amount of the stipend may be up to $6,000 given to an individual or divided between two qualified individuals.

Method of Selection
Applicants must submit their application by March 6th of each year, but if, in the opinion of the Committee, no one qualifies, an award need not be given in any one year.  The recipient, if any, will be notified by June 10, 2016.

Award Committee
The Award Committee will consist of representatives of the Political Science Department of Case Western Reserve University, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, the Jewish Family Service Association College Financial Aid Program, and the National Council of Jewish Women, Cleveland Section.