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Dee Kleinman


JFSA Life Director Dee Kleinman admits she had limited knowledge of JFSA at first. “I didn’t know much about JFSA prior to joining a committee in the late 90’s,” says Dee, who was recruited [...]

Dee Kleinman2017-02-15T21:51:30-05:00

Chicky Drost


Chicky Drost has been a JFSA Life Director since 2005, but her first memories of JFSA are when her father, Archie Drost, served on the board in the 1970’s. “Our family has been supportive of [...]

Chicky Drost2016-04-08T12:30:36-04:00

Norman Wain


Norm Wain enjoyed a successful career as a prominent businessman in the radio industry, but his life was not without challenges. Norm moved to Cleveland in 1954 and by the early 60’s was invited to join [...]

Norman Wain2016-03-16T17:41:29-04:00

Jon Wise


JFSA Board Member Jon Wise is eager to tell people about the benefits of the Holistic Recovery Services offered through JFSA. For the past 10 years, these services have enabled his family member who struggles with [...]

Jon Wise2017-02-08T10:07:03-05:00

Miller Good Family


The Miller Good family’s multi-generational support of JFSA is as exceptional as it is inspiring. Their legacy begins in the 1950’s with matriarch and former JFSA Board Chair Anne Miller*. “My grandmother’s first love was JFSA,” [...]

Miller Good Family2016-03-24T15:15:11-04:00

William Wortzman


JFSA Life Director and former Board Chair Bill Wortzman grew up in the inner city of Cleveland in the 1940’s with his mother, two brothers, and a sister. “My mother had a full plate,” explains [...]

William Wortzman2017-02-08T10:07:03-05:00