Raising two sons with autism may seem like an overwhelming challenge, but Jeanne understood that with a little ingenuity and a solid care plan, her sons Brent and Stephen could one day live on their own as happy, healthy, independent adults. Her vision became a reality four years ago when Brent and Stephen moved into their own home, equipped with innovative technology to help them live independently. Setting up the home wasn’t easy. “Finding an agency willing to work with us and understand what we needed was difficult,” she remembers. But with recommendations from JFSA, Jeanne secured a grant to create the unique home for her sons. A series of sensors throughout the home prompt the brothers to complete tasks such as brushing their teeth or shaving. “We can keep an eye on them, but the technology in the house gives them the ability to learn and do things on their own,” explains Jeanne, who enjoys peace of mind knowing her sons are safe. A JFSA home health aide helps Brent and Stephen three nights a week. “Sue is terrific,” says Jeanne of their home health aide. “She provides guidance to the brothers for everything from cooking to personal hygiene.” “It’s been everything I dreamed it would be,” says Jeanne. “Brent and Stephen are so proud of themselves, and as parents, we are comfortable knowing that they are safe and happy in their home. JFSA was crucial in making that happen.”