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View a list of programs and special named funds to which your gift can be earmarked. 


There are many ways you can support JFSA programs and services that give real hope and help to individuals and families in need every day.

Making an on-line donation is secure, fast and convenient. You can designate your gift to any of JFSA programs, named funds, or campaigns as a tribute gift or a straight donation. JFSA accepts on-line donations through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make an on-line donation. Once your donation is completed you will receive an email confirmation that your gift has been received.

You can also write a check made payable to Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland and mail to:

Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland
3659 S. Green Road Suite 315
Beachwood, Ohio 44122

By making a donation with stock, you gain the satisfaction of supporting local people in need and receive specific tax advantages at the same time. Please note that the value of your stock gift is calculated by taking the average price of the stock the day it enters a Jewish Family Service account.

To donate stock, contact Karen Leizman Moses, Esq.,  Major Gifts Officer at (216) 504-6407.

Here’s an easy and convenient way for you to make tribute and memorial gifts to JFSA in honor of your family and friends. Instead of writing separate checks for each occasion you wish to honor, you can establish a gift account with one check. Like opening a checking account for a good cause! You can even designate which area of JFSA your gift account will support.

How it Works
1. Complete the on-line JFSA Gift Account Application. The minimum opening balance is $250. This is a tax deductible donation to JFSA and you will receive a letter acknowledging your gift to JFSA. Funds in your gift account are non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. As milestone events occur, such as weddings, anniversaries, b’nai mitzvot, births or deaths, let us know how much of your gift account you wish to designate for each milestone. Simply email JFSA the following information:

a. The name of your honoree and the occasion being acknowledged.
b. The mailing address of your honoree or surviving family member.
c. The amount of your gift. The minimum for each gift is $18.

2. For each gift you designate from your account, we’ll send a beautiful Ascentia Arts card to your honoree or a surviving family member notifying them of your gift to JFSA. Your gift amount is kept confidential. We’ll also send you a written confirmation of your request.

3. JFSA will provide you with a quarterly status of your gift account balance so you can plan your gift giving throughout the year. You can add funds to your gift account at any time.

For more information, contact Jodi Hoffer at 216.504.6451

Hebrew Shelter Home clients have basic needs during their stay in shelter. The following items are always needed :

  • Gift Cards to help clients establish a new home and support efforts at securing employment (Phone/Calling Card, Wal-Mart, Target, Grocery, Gasoline, etc.)
  • Baby Products diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, pacifiers or gift card to purchase these items
  • Paper Products  paper towels, paper plates, paper cups.
  • Laundry detergent, dryer sheets
  • Toiletries shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, hair brushes
  • Clock radios with alarm features for residents
  • Office supplies copy paper, resume paper, resume envelopes for residents
  • Books resume writing, interviewing, job search, interest identification etc.

Mental Health, Residential, Older Adults and Families at Risk clients benefit from these items:

  • Food items non-perishable kosher and non-kosher items for the JFSA Food Pantry including canned fruits and vegetables, powdered milk, and cereal
  • Laundry detergent, dryer sheets
  • Toiletries shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, razors, deodorant
  • Recreation used games, sporting goods, fitness equipment
  • Clothing men’s, women’s, children’s, shoes and linens
  • Entertainment books, movies, music, video games
  • Furniture and furnishings

  • Small electronics TV/ Video equipment and game consoles
  • Medical equipment and supplies

We do not accept bedding or other items that pose a sanitary health issue. All in-kind donations should be dropped off during regular business hours (9-5) at the Drost Family Center, 24075 Commerce Park Road, Beachwood. For more information, contact Lisa Rapaszky at 216.504.6451

With an initial donation of $2,500 or more, you can establish a Fund in your name designated to a cause you feel passionate about. Donors who enjoy this option are connected to JFSA throughout their lifetime and are able to witness first-hand the impact their gift has on our clients.

View a list of current named funds.  Contact Karen Leizman Moses, Esq., Major Gifts Officer, by phone at (216) 504-6407.

Whether your estate is large, modest or somewhere in-between, you can help ensure that JFSA will not only meet today’s needs, but will also be here tomorrow to assist our children and our children’s children. A planned gift strengthens the community that JFSA serves and, in many instances, also provides you with tax advantages. It ensures that you will be remembered both by those who directly benefit from your generosity to JFSA as well as those who will be inspired by your example. Here are a few examples:

  • Testamentary Gift: A bequest to JFSA from your will affords you flexibility and control over the legacy you leave behind and means a portion of your assets will go directly to a cause you care about rather than to the government in the form of taxes. If you already have a will, you may be able to make your gift by preparing, with the involvement of your estate planning attorney, a codicil (a brief written amendment) to your will.
  • IRA or 401K Gift: This method typically offers the greatest income tax savings (and perhaps estate tax savings) when you direct that a gift to JFSA be made from your estate. As an alternative, people age 70-1/2 or older wishing to make lifetime donations can transfer funds from an IRA directly to JFSA tax fee so long as certain conditions are met. Either option is easy to arrange.
  • Life Insurance: This type of gift is particularly popular with donors who have policies that are no longer needed to provide for their families. The gift is made to JFSA by transferring ownership of a life insurance policy to JFSA or simply changing the policy’s beneficiary designation to JFSA for some or all of the policy’s proceeds. It is also an attractive way to give if you want to provide significant support for JFSA but are unable to make a large outright donation.
  • A Life Income Plan:  A charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust allows you to make a substantial future gift to JFSA while still providing for your own personal financial needs. These plans provide you, the donor, or your named beneficiaries that you designate income for life with an ultimate gift to JFSA. There are several types of life-income plans and they offer substantial tax benefits, depending on the asset contributed.

Remember: You should always involve your attorney and, as necessary, other advisers in your estate planning. 

Contact Karen Leizman Moses, Esq., Major Gifts Officer, by phone at (216) 504-6407. If you have already made arrangements for a planned gift to JFSA, please let us know – we would like to thank you!All inquiries are confidential.